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If you have noticed that one or both of your headlights have recently gone out, bring your vehicle into ProTec Collision of Sanford, NC. We can repair your vehicles headlights if you have damaged them in an accident.

Broken Headlight on car

You should replace a broken headlight as soon as possible. It can be dangerous to travel at night without a working headlight. Bring your vehicle into ProTec Collision today and we will repair your headlights in no time.

How Much Do New Headlights Cost?

The cost of replacing the headlight on your vehicle will depend on what work needs to be done. If you simply need the bulb replaced in one of your headlights, it will not cost you much. A new bulb will cost only $15-$20 with the labor fee of replacing the bulb anywhere between $50-$100.

If you have been in an accident and need your entire headlight assembly replaced, it will cost anywhere from $250-$750. The assembly includes the bulb housing, high beam bulbs, low beam bulbs, and turn signal bulbs.

ProTec Collision Works With All Insurance

If you are worried about whether or not your insurance will cover your accident repairs, there’s no need to worry when you work with ProTec Collision. We will work with you no matter what your insurance situation looks like. Come on in to ProTec Collision of Sanford, NC and we will get started on your vehicle repairs.

ProTec Collision Repairs All Makes and Models

It doesn’t matter if you have a damaged headlight on your Jeep, Honda, Toyota, or any other kind of car. We fix it all! If you have recently been in an accident that has caused your headlight to come loose or break, bring it into our collision repair shop for a quick fix. We can order the headlight parts your specific model needs if we don’t have it.

Visit ProTec Collision of Sanford, NC

If you have recently been in an accident, damaging your vehicles headlights, contact ProTec Collision today to have your lights replace. You should avoid driving at night when you are missing a headlight on your car. Bring your vehicle into ProTec Collision of Sanford, North Carolina to get a quote on the cost of repair.