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How Much Do Dents Devalue Your Car?

Owning a car will undoubtedly expose you to all of the servicing issues that come with it. Damages and equipment failures can be frustrating if you don’t have a reliable car service to turn to. A car can be damaged in a variety of ways, not just in a car accident. Dent repairs are more common and less expensive.

How frequently does this occur? You might not even know what happened or when it happened at times. Though a car dent is considered minor damage that can easily accommodate your budget, avoiding one will undoubtedly save you money on car maintenance. But severe dents can devalue your car and make it less attractive. The following article will tell you everything about car dents.

Dents Do Devalue Your Car

It is strongly advised to have dents repaired as soon as possible after they have occurred and to take your vehicle to the shop as soon as possible after the damage has occurred. You save time and money by bringing your car in right away. Small dents necessitate minor repairs, which means the costs will most likely be reasonable.

If the damage is not repaired, the paint may deteriorate, and the dent may expand. If you wash your car or leave it in inclement weather, a small scratch in the paint can turn into something much worse. One could argue that the unavoidable is being postponed. A small scratch has a high probability of becoming a larger problem. You should approach the situation.

Because each dent is unique, the amount each one devalues your car will vary. A collision repair company can help determine the cost of repairs.

Dents can occur at any time or in any location. They can occur as soon as you enter a parking lot. They can occur after a car accident, which is why dents should be examined as soon as possible. You may have a small dent on your bumper due to colliding and not give it much thought. This is the perplexing aspect of car crashes. Dents can be an indication of a larger internal issue. The frame can bend, and the tires can become misaligned, especially if the bumper has dents. You may not be able to gather this relevant information on a dent in your bumper, but the foundational harm can pose a significant threat to the inner structure of your vehicle.

Car dent front bumper repair

Causes of Car Dents That Can
Devalue Your Car

You are aware of how inconvenient car dents can be. They are not considered severe damage because they are minor in shape, but they are still irritating and impossible to remove. From parking lots to natural calamities and alongside the road factors, there are numerous common causes of car dents around every corner that can lower the value of your car.

1. Vehicle Doors

Carparks are a widespread cause of car dents. Other car doors and food store carts are the two most common causes of car dents. Another reason to reserve away from other vehicles is to avoid being damaged by their doors. People can open their doors recklessly and slam them into your car door, going to cause a dent, whether it was deliberate or not (but it is most often not). In any case, you’re better off parking in an empty lot far away from other vehicles to avoid damage. If damage does occur, it is usually minor, and you will repair it in no time.

2. Damage from Hail

Even though most car dents occur in the parking lot due to careless or miscalculated pedestrian behavior, some common causes fall under the category of “Nature.” Hail destruction is often horrific, and it also scratches the car’s paint. This is why, for more complicated dents, a visit to a specialized service is recommended because attempting to repair these car dents yourself can result in more damage. Technical car dent repair services also use specialized tools to stroke the dent back into its original shape without permanently damaging it.

3. Tree Branches

Considering the above-mentioned severe weather, another primary reason for car dents caused by natural causes is damage caused by falling trees. Falling trees are typical of more widely accepted storms and can cause minimal damage in extreme cases. Falling trees frequently cause more severe dents on the top of your car, which often necessitates task requirements. Because the car’s roof is such a large surface, it isn’t easy to return it to its original shape without it deforming in the process. This is why professionals must use specialized tools to “massage” the dent from the bottom to finally corral it.

4. Collisions

Collisions are another frequent cause of car dents. Collisions with other vehicles, collisions with road debris, and unintentional bumping of speed limit signs can all leave a permanent dent. Most automobile accidents result in much more than dents, but some, such as rear-wheel collisions, resulting in only slight marks.

How to protect your car from dents

Ways to Protect Your Car From Dents

Some things are beyond your power to control. However, you can take action against some of the most likely reasons for car dents. This is how you do it!

1. Obtain a Cover

Of course, if you have permission to use a garage, this is the ideal situation for avoiding dents caused by large hailstones, falling branches, and so on. However, this is not a choice for everyone. That is why you should buy a high-quality car cover. When choosing a cover, consider the material and the best choice based on your region. 

Car dents in a big parking lot

2. Avoid Parking in Congested Areas

The location of your car can make or break your trip. Tight parking spaces can be dangerous because all it takes is one good car door swing from a neighboring vehicle to dent your car. These sharp dings have the potential to ruin your paint job.

So, you have two options: avoid tight spaces by parking next to smaller vehicles that allow for more space, or park your car far away from other vehicles and walk a little further to your location.


Talk to kids about the value of cars

3. Discuss Preventative Measures With Your Children

If you have children, you must discuss the worth of your family vehicle with them. Teach them to be cautious when getting inside and out of the car and passing a vehicle — especially when riding their bike!




ProTec Collision Repair

Unfortunately, even when all safeguards are in place, car dents are sometimes unpreventable. If your car has been dented for any reason, take it to a local garage for car dent repair. If you have a need to repair one or more dents in your vehicle, don’t hesitate to reach out to ProTec Collision Repair for assistance!